Paper Pulp Deslagging Machine suppliers

Paper Pulp Deslagging Machine suppliers
Posted by sin6bm on 2021/01/11
Paper Pulp Deslagging Machine suppliers

Product Application
Description of High consistency cleaner:
High consistency cleaner is an ideal equipment for removing heavy impurities such as metals and sand from pulp at high consistency to obtain high quality pulp. It is also a necessary equipment for waste paper pulping purification.
High consistency cleaner belongs to Impurity Cleaning Equipment of paper machinery and is the more advanced Impurity Cleaning Equipment.
High consistency cleaner of Impurity Cleaning Equipment is the ideal paper making equipment used to remove the metal, sand and other heavy impurities with a large specific gravity in the paper pulp at a higher concentration to obtain the pulp stock of high quality. Meanwhile, it is also the necessary equipment for pulping and purifying of waste paper.
Features of high consistency cleaner:
1. Long separation cone and high slag removal efficiency.
2. The slag removal concentration is between 2% and 5%.
3. Special and quick-opening control valve, easy operation and no slag inclusion.
4. The cone is made of ceramic materials and has a long service life.Paper Pulp Deslagging Machine suppliers

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