Plywood TV Cabinet suppliers

Plywood TV Cabinet suppliers
Posted by krbgls7 on 2020/08/13
Plywood TV Cabinet suppliers

▲ Company Instruction
1. Y&R Building Materials Co.,LTD is a large-scale professional kitchen cabinet, furniture manufacturer with R&D, production, sales and service combined, and also the largest kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet manufacturer in Jiangsu Province, China. Y&R was established in 1996 with a registered capital of 3.3 million USD, an area of 70000m2, 700 employees, 150X40" HQ container monthly production capacity and 5,000 kitchen cabinets daily production capacity.
2. After 22 years of rapid development, Y&R Building Materials has established a multi-product system with kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets as the main body, TV cabinets, wardrobes and shoe cabinets combined. Till now, Y&R products are exported to more than 20 countries, spreading over North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia with top five ranked annual export value in China every year.
3. Y&R pays attention to improving productivity by technological innovation, with heavy duty double-side planer, multilateral saw, automatic cutter machine, automatic drilling machine machine, automatic milling tenon,four-face planer, CNC slotting machine, high frequency assembly machine, high frequency assembly machine, wide belt sander, double-milling, electronic saw, automatic edge banding machine, automatic assembly line,three rows of drill, undercoat paint automatic sprayer, UV automatic painting machine, hanging line,automatic packing machine and other most advanced heavy-duty production equipment. All core equipment are imported from Germany and Japan. High degree automation, low defect rate and high utilization rate of raw materials greatly reduces production costs.
4. Closely working with Nanjing Forestry University, Y&R has realized the integration of production, education and research.
5. Y&R always attaches great importance to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. The formaldehyde emissions of all products is up to international standards, and have got the US CARB certification, EPA certification, KCMA certification, and the Environmental Protection Agency's environmental assessment approval. It is one of the very few wood processing environmental protection enterprises in China.
6. Adopts advanced Japanese 5S management system. Good management best guarantees our delivery time, product quality and service quality to customers.
7. With own professional design team, Y&R Building Materials can design for customers and customized design also accepted .
8. Y&R has its own laboratory with seven quality controls from raw materials to final products.
9. Y&R can produce a variety of products and handle many kinds of raw materials: solid wood (Maple, Birch, Poplar, Oak, etc.), MDF (medium density, high density), particle board, plywood, PVC, PET, etc. With raw materials imported and domestically produced, and the ability of various production processes like paint, solid wood veneer, melamine, PVC and so on, Y&R can meet the needs of different customers.
10. Y&R conducts glue adhesion resistance to temperature and water resistance (refer to Japanese laminated metal testing standard - NO. 112, 1996), paint adhesion, hot and cold cycle, yellowing resistance test (refer to national standard), hardware for salt fog inspection, plywood for boiling water stripping inspection, etc with its own laboratory.
▲ Certification
1. Raw material safety certification: moisture proof, SGS test, formaldehyde test, KCMA, CARBII/EPA
2. Management certification: ISO9001, Japan 5S certification
3. Environmental certification: formaldehyde detection, environmental assessment report, environmental assessment approvalPlywood TV Cabinet suppliers

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