Pressuized Solar Water Heater manufacturers

Pressuized Solar Water Heater manufacturers
Posted by Kinris5e on 2020/09/17
Pressuized Solar Water Heater manufacturers

1. Vacuum tube with heat pipe
1.1. Three target solar vacuum tube, size: 蠁58 x 1800mm
1.2. Heat pipe:
1.2.1. Condenser size: 14mm, length: 60mm, wall thickness: 0.8mm
1.2.2. Body diameter: 8mm, length: 1700mm, wall thickness: 0.6mm
1.3. Heat transfer fluid: anti-freeze fluid (water-glycol)
1.4. Aluminum fin: whole piece aluminum sheet, length: 1600mm, thickness: 0.2mm
1.5. Sealing plug: silicone rubber with stainless steel
2. Water tank:
2.1. Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel, thickness: 1.2mm, diameter: 360mm
2.2. Outer tank: PVDF (color plate steel sheet): thickness: 0.4mm, diameter: 460mm
2.3. Insulation: high density polyurethane foam, density: 40Kgs/m鲁, thickness: 50mm
2.4. Water tank anti-dust cover: silicone rubber
2.5. Water inlet and outlet: Brass, G1/2鈥?or G3/4鈥?male thread, welded
3. Bracket:
3.1. Galvanized steel with painting, thickness: 1.5mm
3.2. Bracket angle: 0掳~ 45掳
4. Tuber supporter: adjustable tube supporter
5. Optional accessories
5.1. Controller (display instrument + temperature sensor)
5.2. Electric heater
5.3. Magnesium bar
5.4. PT valve
Model codeVacuum tube sizeEffective area
(L/Day/60鈩冿級Carton size(cm)
(water tank)Carton size(cm)
(vacuum tube)Carton size(cm)
(bracket+tank supporter)CBM(M鲁锛?
Per setLoading quantity
Heat pipe
Aluminium fin1.40150L150*50*491*15Pcs
* 10-20 tubes with two front and rear foot, 21-30 tubes with three front and rear foot.
* Max. working pressure: 9 bar
* Heat pipe anti-freezing: 锕?35鈩?/p>
* Heat preservation hours: 48-72 hours
* Custom made is available
鈼?No water in vacuum tubes, each vacuum tube works individually, so solar water heater can still work even several tubes break.
鈼?Even the environment鈥檚 temperature is extremely low, solar water heater can still work regularly.
鈼?Heat energy transferred by vacuum tube with aluminium fin & heat pipe rapidly.
鈼?Solar water heater can fit with many kinds of roof style because of the rational designed bracket.
Ground mounts
A ground mount must have a stable, permanent foundation. A concrete HVAC pad or six standard concrete piers embedded at least halfway in the ground are the recommended foundations. Be sure to coat the threaded end of the bolts that secure the heater base mounts with silicon caulk to prevent rust.
The lower edge of the heater should be at least one foot above the ground so it will not be obstructed by vegetation or partially submerged in standing water. Heaters mounted at ground level can be more susceptible to damage (flying rocks from lawnmowers, etc.) or vandalism. The placing of an expanded metal mesh screen in front of the glass tubes may be helpful in preventing breakage.Pressuized Solar Water Heater manufacturers

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