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Posted by ppdd1028 on 2020/10/27
Printing Service

How much does it cost to customize packaging cartons? Our purchases often go to many suppliers to compare prices, and we need to choose cheap and reliable packaging manufacturers from these manufacturers for procurement customization, but we often ignore some problems. For example, for many purchasers, it is difficult to obtain an accurate price by asking prices directly without knowing their own needs. In this case, the general customer service staff of the packaging factory will not directly give the price, unless it is a finished carton. Usually we need to know the customer's packaging products and quantity, material, size, box type, craftsmanship, etc. to calculate the specific price. Of course, if the specific customized material is not clear when communicating, the customer service will select the commonly used paper materials in the factory for quotation according to the product packaging needs and purpose. Of course, the needs of special paper materials and box-shaped craftsmanship are determined before customization, and the relative price is relatively high.
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From a purchasing point of view, he needs to find high-quality suppliers. In addition to quality, he pays more attention to the customized price of the packaging cartons than the value. Shop around if you can鈥檛 solve the problem, then shop around a hundred. You can always find a supplier that meets your psychological price. This is the general psychology of the public. But from the point of view of our manufacturer, we would think that customers do not understand the price calculation method of custom packaging cartons, and they will not know the box type, material, size, quantity, etc., and the price is also different, even though the price is different. The difference between them is a few cents, but the actual materials and quality will also vary greatly.
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