Reaction Kettle

Reaction Kettle
Posted by tlengdf on 2020/05/11
Reaction Kettle

Product Description
The equipment is used in industries of pharmacy, biology project, fine chemicals and chemosynthesis.
The material adopts SUS304 and SUS316L.
The tank body is equipped with jacket whose structure type divided into three kinds to choose. They are standard jacket, outer coiled-tube jacket and the jacket of Milo plate honeycomb type. It can be heated and cooled. The interior adopts the polish of electrolysis mirror plate and has no sanitary dead angles.
To ensure that the material can be in the condition of asepsis, it is designed to be completely closed. The end plate cover (taper shape) has adopted rotating-pressure machining, according with GMP. The stirring installations adopt the sanitary grade mechanical seal; the heat preservation of container adopts polyurethane and pearl cotton; the joint adopts the quick-installed lathe-dog type of international standard. It is convenient and sanitary. The side has adopted rotating-pressure machining. The surface adopts various types of polish, sand blasting, dull polish and cold-rolling primary-color matted, which can show the container's remarkable quality. The equipment is equipped with aseptic air respirator, CIP cleaning sprinkler, sight glass and flanged quick-opening manhole.Reaction Kettle

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