Rigid-Flex Board price

Rigid-Flex Board price
Posted by hbdhjn1 on 2020/11/17
Rigid-Flex Board price

Layers: 6L Rigid-Flex
Material: FR-4+PI
Board Thicknes: 1.0 mm
Copper Thicknes: 35 um
Line/Space: 4/4 mil
Smallest Hole Diameter: 0.3mm
Surface Treatment: ENIG(2U")
Technical Feature:
Rigid-Flex, 2L Flexible Board
Computer, Communication, Medical, Auotomobile, Aerospace, Military
Special Note:
More Technologies Limited has strong manufacturing capabilities and high-quality products and services. This is a 6L Rigid-Flex board with Gold Fingers. The regular delivery time is 15 days, and the fastest delivery can be achieved in 10 days.
Rigid flex PCBs have the following advantages:1. Survive high levels of shock and vibration;
2. Survive hundreds of thousands of flex cycles;
3. Reduce package weight;
4. Increase circuit density;
5. Decrease necessary assembly operations.
Rigid flex circuit assemblies are ideal for reducing and/or eliminating connectors, as well as the labor, yield, transmission, and reliability issues that are inherent in their application. Any assembly that can benefit from these features can benefit from a rigid flex PCB.
If you have such products or designs, please contact us. More Technologies Limited is happy to provide you with free technical advice and design suggestions.Rigid-Flex Board price

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