Rotary Evaporator factory

Rotary Evaporator factory
Posted by astao346 on 2020/09/02
Rotary Evaporator factory

0.5L~100L Rotary Evaporator for hemp oil extraction
Basic Description
1)It is used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation and distillation.
2)The rotating flask is heated by water/oil bath and it keeps rotating to increase the surface area for evaporation.
3)The boiling liquid becomes vapor under certain temperature and the vapor can be cooled down and recovered by the condenser. In this way, the separation and purification are finished.
4)It usually works with water circulating vacuum pump and circulating chiller as a whole system.
ModelRE-5210 (10L)RE-5220 (20L)RE-5250 (50L)
Glass MaterialHigh Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Electrical Requirements220V 50/60Hz Single Phase
17.3A 3800W20A 4250W29A 6250W
Rotation Motor250W
Modular DesignModular design (individual rotary and water bath modules) for easy future upgrades
Evaporating FlaskCapacity: 2.6 gallon(10L)Capacity: 5.28 gallon(20L)Capacity: 13.2gallon(50L)
Evaporating SpeedWater: 0.75 gallon/hr
Alcohol: 1.5 gallon/hrWater: 1 gallon/hr
Alcohol: 2 gallon/hrWater: 2 gallon/hr
Alcohol: 4 gallon/hr
Rotation Speed10 to 120 rpm
Receiving Flask1.3 gallon (5 liters or 0.18cu ft)2.64 gallon (10 liters or 0.35cu ft)5.28 gallon (20 liters or 0.7cu ft)
Condenser1. Glassware: Main + auxiliary triple-circulating cold traps,vertical
2. Chilling fluid connection: 3/8" hose barb x 4 (2 on main + 2 on auxiliary)
1. Auxiliary condenser:2530 cm2 or 2.7 sq ft
2. Condensing surface: 3900 cm2 or 4.2 sq ft1. Auxiliary condenser:3580 cm2 or 3.9 sq ft
2. Condensing surface: 9480 cm2 or 10.2sq ft1. Auxiliary condenser: 4000 cm2 or 4.3 sq ft
2. Condensing surface: 11500 cm2 or 12.4 sq ft
Water Bath1. Temperature range: ambient to 99掳C (210掳F)
2. Temperature controller: digital
3. Material: stainless steel
4. Media: distilled water only
5. Max.water level: not to exceed 1" from the top rim of the bath
6. Number of heaters: 2
7. Drain port: 1
8. Exterior liner: rubber
9. Lifting: motorized
1.Dimensions:12.5diameter x 11height
2. Maximum Lifting Distance: 4 inches1.Dimensions:17.5diameter x 12height
2. Maximum Lifting Distance: 7.5 inches1.Dimensions:22.1diameter x12.2height
2. Maximum Lifting Distance: 9 inches
Vacuum1. Vacuum Level: < 3 torrs
2. Vacuum Sealing: PTFE + Viton Gaskets
3. Vacuum Connection: Glass hose barb on top of main condenser
Working Environment5 to 95掳F
Swivel CastersFour, built-in with locks
SafetyDry-Run, Over-Temp shut-off, built-in circuit breakers
Recirculating Chiller1. Electrical Requirements: RT to -30掳C (No load)
2. Cooling Capacity: @0掳C: 1750W, @-10掳C: 1100W, @-20掳C: 700W, @-30掳C: 300W
3. Compressor: Panasonic, 208~230V 60Hz 1-PH, R404A
4. Recirculating Pump: Centrifugal Pump, 100 Watts, 20L/Min, Max Pressure: 5.8 psi
5. Reservoir Capacity: 17 liters or 4.5 gallons
6. Safety: Compressor over-temp protection, delay-start, over-current, short circuit and ground protection
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump: GM-2.0A1. Only PTFE components are exposed to vacuum, ideal for pumping corrosive gases and organic solvents
2. Very compact and light-weight
3. Oil-free, Water-free, Contamination-free
4. Power: 300W
5. Pumping Speed: 120L/Min
6. Max vacuum: 200mbar
7. Noise Level: < 60 dB
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump1. Specially for corrosion-resistant
2. 2-Stages Pump
3. Pumping Speed: 156L/Min
4. Power: 370W
5. Oil Capacity: 0.6 ~ 1L
6. Intake and Exhaust DN: KF25
7. Motor Seed: 1720 RPM =
8. Noise Level: < 56 dB
9. Weight: 21 KG
Water Jet Aspirator Vacuum Pump1. Oil-free, corrosion resistant, reliable
2. All major valves and parts made of PTFE, ideal for chemical-related operation
3. No oil changes, no cold trap required for water/alcohol solutions
4. Pumping Rate: 50L/Min
5. Flow Rate: 100L/Min
6.Tank Capacity: 57L
7. Power: 550W
8. Weight: 36KG
Vacuum Controller1. Used for set, display and control vacuum level in target system, esp. in processes of separating, condensing of low boiling temperature solution.
2. Solent recovery rate is improved to 99%:
3. Built-in electromagnetic valve
4. Equips in control power port for vacuum pump
5. With buffer bottle and filter bottle for protection
6. Measure Range: 0.1 ~ 105 kPa
7. Set Range: 2.0 ~ 90 kPa
8. Display Resolution: 0.1 kPa
9. Power: 220V/50~60hz, 370W
Condenser1. Condensation area can be customized
2. Receiving flask capacity can be 1L, 5L
Supporting Frame1. Standard: all stainless-steel parts are SUS304 type.
2. Supporting Frame coated by PTFE
3. Electric Lifting for the parts which above the glass lid
4. Leftward Rotation of Reaction Glass Vessel (160掳)
Glass Lid1. Glass lid openings
2. Other openings according to your request
Glass Port1. Ground Mouth
2. Convex Ball Ground Mouth
3. Flange Mouth
Motor Type1. Explosion Proof Motor (Level: ExDIIBT4)
(We can provide you the explosion proof Certificate)
2. DC Brushless Motor
3. 180W, 250W, 370W, 550W, 750W motor
Vacuum Setup1. No Pump
2. Diaphragm Vacuum Pump (Anti-corrosion, 60L~120L/Min pumping speed)
Chillers and Heaters1. No Recirculating Chiller and Heater
2. Recirculating Chiller for the jacket (-20C, -40C, -60C, -80C)
3. Recirculating Heater for the jacket(200C, 300C)
4. Heating & Cooling Circulator(-20C ~ 200C, -40C ~ 200C, -60C ~ 200C )
Chiller for Top Condenser1. No Recirculating Chiller
2. Recirculating Chiller (-20C, -30C, -40C)
We accept any customization request. Please email us and we鈥檒l bring values to you!
More Customization User Cases:
1. PH Control or PH measurement
2. Automatic feeding or discharging by peristaltic pump or gear pump
3. Ultrasonic dispersionRotary Evaporator factory

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