Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln
Posted by astao387v on 2020/11/05
Rotary Kiln

[Production capacity]: 180-10000t/h
[product weight]: 149.61-1659t
[product specifications]: 桅2.5脳40-桅6.0脳95
[Application range]: Calcium aluminate limestone calcium carbonate sodium hydroxide and other materials can be calcined.
Product Introduction
Chemical kiln is mainly used in metallurgical industry steel iron factorylean ore magnetization roasting; Chromium nickel iron oxidizing roasting refractory plant roasting high alumina bauxite mining and aluminium plant roasting clinker aluminum hydroxide; Chemical plants such as ore roasting chromium and chromium ore minerals. Chemical rotary kiln simple structure convenient and reliable control and operate production process less wearings high operation rates high quality products from kiln widely used in metallurgy chemical industry building materials etc.
Structure principle
Ore from silo through electronic belt weigher belt conveyor bin lock the wind valve directly feeding rotary kiln preheater preheater only set of bin in order to reduce investment.Ore into rotary kiln heated the first run of mine ore in the furnace and heat flow reverse move after a heating zone ore was heated to reduction temperature into the reduction zone.Reduction zone flame center at about 1000 鈩?temperature control reduction of area around 700 鈩?hot atmosphere temperature control and reduction reaction gas back into magnetite.After the entry into the cooling belt meet with into gas gas preheating ore by cooling the back out of the kiln after continuous water bucket conveyor into the repository to be selected.
Technical Advantage
*Supporting Device
We adopted advanced spindle structure set automatic temperature measuring device and electrical heating device also have flow support for choice.
*Thruster Device
Divided into two types mechanical and hydraulic thruster. Hydraulic thruster device equipped with advanced hydraulic control system.
*Transmission Device
With single or double transmission. DC motor or variable-frequency and variable-speed motor Control rotary speed reliable operation energy saving efficiency.
*Chemical Sealing Device of Rotary Kiln
Seal structure use many types for choice Cylinder press end face seal and seal spring compression heavy hammer graphite block seal and seal spring graphite blocks and scales in labyrinth axial labyrinth seal and the above form combined sealing etc its characteristic is better to adapt the moving and swinging of cylinder and good sealing effect.
Technical Parameter
Service Commitment
Adhere to the "Trinity" service concept of pre sale, sale and after sale.
Pre Sale Service:
Provide the user with the product performance introduction, the quality assurance system certificate, the enterprise introduction and so on, let the user fully understand the product of the same force, the production line scheme and the technical advantage, provide the technical advisory service for the user, and tailor the production line plan for the customer.
Sale Service: Let users know and buy our products at ease
(1) Test
Before testing, the products will be tested in the testing center, and the test report of products will be provided to customers.
(2) Train
In order to operate, maintain, and manage the equipment better, the company will arrange for more than twenty years of experienced engineers to train and guide the working technicians.
(3) Install
The company appointed engineering technicians with more than ten years' experience in installation and commissioning to carry out installation and trial operation on the site and submit test data. After the acceptance of the customer, the product will be regularly inspecting service (including maintenance and maintenance).
After-Sale Service:
After receiving the users' fault handling requirements, they will give maintenance advice within 2 hours and arrive at the scene within 24 hours. During the warranty period, two times a month to guide the user to maintain and maintain the product, and to send a special person for the maintenance and maintenance of the product on the fifteen day before the end of the warranty period.
We are convinced that the customer has given the opportunity for the development of the same force, the interests of the customers in the first place is the purpose of the same force and heavy machine service, so that the customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!
If you have seen the above product introduction, you still have some doubts. You can leave a message in the following message box, or consult our online customer service directly. Of course, you can also make a phone call. Oh, our telephone number is: 008621-33587123.Rotary Kiln

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