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Special Coating factory
Posted by ppdd9301 on 2020/09/29
Special Coating factory

Product introduction:
AMMT-368 heat-resistant paint is a kind of organosilicon temperature resistant paint with high performance, low VOC content, high solid content and temperature resistance, designed for color and gloss retention under sustainable high-temperature heat source, and use drier when it requires lowering drying time.
Organosilicon high temperature anticorrosive paint has excellent high temperature resistance, can be used in the range of 200-600 鈩? resistant to cold and hot alternation, chemical gas corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, water resistance and electrical insulation and thermal conductivity; high temperature resistance Oxidation, thermal shock resistance, and has excellent corrosion resistance. Easy to paint. Spraying, fast drying, strong adhesion, room temperature curing, high temperature use, convenient construction, is the first choice of high temperature equipment for corrosion protection and fire protection decorative items.
Characteristics and application:
Silicone high temperature resistant paint can protect mechanical equipment from rust and corrosion under high temperature environment. It is composed of silicone resin, high temperature resistant pigment, solvent and additives. The high temperature resistance effect of silicone high temperature paint depends on the silicon content of the silicone resin. The higher the content, the better the high temperature resistance performance, and the higher the silicon content, the price is relatively more expensive. It is not easy to change color under high temperature environment, and silver and black are more excellent. The paint film has the advantages of impact resistance, heat resistance, salt spray resistance, cold and hot cycles and so on.
Silicone high temperature resistant paints have stricter requirements for raw materials in the production process than anti corrosive paints. Resins, pigments, fillers and solvents are required to have excellent high temperature resistance characteristics, because silicone high temperature resistant paints are used in special applications. It must be able to withstand the test of hundreds of degrees Celsius and even thousands of degrees Celsius.
Features of silicone high temperature resistant paint:
1. Alternate cold and hot resistance
Silicone high temperature resistant paint can make the cold and hot paint film intact under the drastic temperature difference, and the coating can not afford skin.
2. High temperature resistance
Silicone high temperature resistant paint is divided into multiple grades in terms of temperature resistance, generally one grade per 100 degrees Celsius, from 200 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius to meet the requirements of different paint and heat resistance conditions.
3. Protective
Silicone high temperature resistant paint has good corrosion resistance, and has excellent characteristics such as chemical atmosphere resistance, acid and alkali resistance, humidity and heat resistance.
4. Multi-selection of coating color
The paint uses high temperature resistant pigments, the paint film has various colors, the coating does not change color under high temperature environment, and the decoration is good.
5. The paint film does not come off
Silicone high temperature resistant paint has no cracking, blistering, and shedding during severe temperature changes, and has excellent adhesion.
Application of silicone high temperature resistant paint:
Silicone high temperature resistant paint is suitable for high temperature parts of equipment such as metallurgy, aviation, power, etc. anticorrosion such as steel mill blast furnace, hot air furnace outer wall, high temperature chimney, flue, high temperature hot gas pipeline, heating furnace, heat exchanger, etc. Under high temperature conditions, the general paint coating is difficult to maintain the high temperature of the upper Baidu, the paint film is easy to fall off and crack, resulting in corrosion and rust of the metal material, and the design of the high temperature resistant paint anti-corrosion principle guarantees excellent adhesion and good resistance Thermal performance can protect the good appearance of the facility.
The protection of silicone high temperature resistant paint in high temperature environment is unmatched by other coatings, and it has an important position in the field of industrial anticorrosion
Main performance indexes:
Color: Silver grey
Luster: Matt primer, highlight finishing coat
Solid content of volume: 44卤2%
Mixing ratio: One-component
Specific weight: about 1.1Kg/L
When using drier, add 22.5g/L at most.
Standard film thickness and spreading rate
Thickness of wet film (渭m/0.01 mm)80
Thickness of dry film (渭m/0.01 mm)35
Theoretical spreading rate (m2 /Kg/0.01 mm)11.4
Drying timetable: wet film: 50渭m and relative humidity: 50%
Substrate temperature25鈩?/p>Use drier, 25鈩?/p>
Touch dry period (h)31
Interval for walking (h)86
Recoating time (h)1818
Service life of mixed use (h)
Construction description:
Construction condition:
Coating temperature (air): Minimum 10鈩? maximum 38鈩?/p>
Coating temperature (the surface of coated material): maximum: 49鈩?/p>
Relative humidity: less than 85%; surface temperature of coated material: at least 3鈩?higher than dew point temperature. Both the humidity and temperature shall be measured near the substrate. Outdoor painting is not allowed in rainy, snowy, foggy or strongly windy condition.
Construction method: Use one-component spraying equipment or brush coating, roller coating
Airless sprayingAir sprayingPainting with brush/roller
Nozzle diameter163T-621/623锝?mm
Spraying pressure15锝?0 MPa0.3锝?.4 MPa
PrecautionsNo dry sprayingNo dry sprayingSubstrate锛?0鈩?/p>
The spraying pressure and nozzle dimension may need adjustment based on the specific requirements for spraying performance.
Diluent: Not recommended
Tool cleaning: Temperature resistant diluent
Surface treatment:
Level Sa2.5 sand blasting, with a surface roughness of 40-75渭m. Pre-process paint shall be fully dried, the surface of dry film shall be intact without oil stain, water, moisture, dust, salt and other contaminants, or eliminate them to make the surface clean and dry.
Packaging specifications:
The product shall be stored in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse and away from heat or fire source. The packaging container shall be kept sealed for a storage period of one year.
No fire source is allowed on the coating material mixing and construction sites, where the ventilation shall be satisfactory. Coating material construction personnel must wear protective devices to avoid skin exposure. When the coating material is splashed on skin, it's necessary to wash with proper cleaning agent or soapy water immediately and seek medical advice.Special Coating factory

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