Wholesale Semi-trailer Parts

Wholesale Semi-trailer Parts
Posted by rnjgdd5 on 2020/08/06
Wholesale Semi-trailer Parts

The axle of a semi-trailer is a device that carries the body and goods of a semi-trailer. It does not have power itself and operates on the traction of the trailer.
In terms of appearance, the semi-trailer axle is divided into American type and German type; in terms of bearing capacity, the semi-trailer axle has 12t, 13T, 16t, 25t and other specifications; in terms of the position relationship between the brake drum and the hub, the semi-trailer axle is divided into external type and internal type.
Our company has many years of axle design and production experience, with professional design team and special equipment, to ensure the service life of semi-trailer bridge. At the same time, the products with different wheelbase can be processed according to the width of semi-trailer body. We have a professional team to provide you with consulting services, welcome to consult.Wholesale Semi-trailer Parts

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