The Advantages of PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Posted by injectionmoldmaster on 2020/09/11
The Advantages of PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

The Bottle Blowing Machine is a kind of plastic particles by blow molding process will be made into hollow container equipment, currently more common types include, forming a PP and PE hollow extrusion blow machine, using PET, PC or PP two molding injection stretch blow molding machine, and the newly developed multilayer hollow extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding.

A high degree of automation.

The whole production process is completed independently by the machine.

High degree of intelligence with friendly human-machine interface, the machine is controlled as per the operator’s setting through the user interface, reflect the data to master the machine operation.

In case malfunction occurs, the technical person can repair the machine by interface display fault types in a short time.

Superior quality bottle.

l The stable infrared heating system (infrared lamp is of individual control) high precision mould, the high precision mould opening/clamping control system, the special blowing valve, pneumatic components and electrical components, precious guide rail, all this are ensure the high accuracy and repeatability thus bottle quality are fully guaranteed.

Low noise.

The whole machine runs smoothly and with low noise due to the optimized design, experienced assembly and advanced tooling.

Free of pollution.

The production is within closed zone by excellent self-lubrication components, which avoid the external pollution during production.

Low cost.

The optimized process sequence and parameter are greatly reduce the consumption of

Power, water, air, which leads to the low cost.

Good visibility, convenient maintenance and safety.

The operator can see the whole process through the observing window so it is no need to entry to come into the machine to check the situation.

petblowingmachine are planned to produce heat-resistant and normal containers. They are not able to produce bottles of diverse sizes. However, PET Blowing Machine can produce bottles in diverse designs and sizes. The latest bottle blowing machines can save time. They can produce diverse types of bottles in an efficient way. More information click

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