Beverage Cap Mould manufacturers

Beverage Cap Mould manufacturers
Posted by showtttt on 2020/11/30
Beverage Cap Mould manufacturers

Milk Cap Mould
Milk Cap Mould for Glass Bottle Packaging or can packed with PET Bottle.Milk Cap Mould made with LDPE Plastic Resin and the mould is made by Loping MOULD. Loping Mould as a bespoke injection mould manufacturer - we enjoy the ability to work in a wide and varied selection of industries. We manufacture plastic moulds to the highest quality as efficiently as possible, ensuring our customers receive the very best service and product fulfillment beyond that of any competitor. Our team has a lot of industry knowledge and technical expertise. While experience is important, so too is the desire to improve our skills and continually advance. We work hard to stay current with cutting-edge industry methods and materials. Both our company and our clients benefit from working with knowledgeable people that make a committed effort not only to stay current, but to advance.
Cap Mould Name: 32 Cavity Milk Cap Mould with Hot Runner System.
Model Number: Costomized
Mould Brand: Loping
Product Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang
Runner Type: Hot Runner
Mould Steel Material: Cavity: Stavax S136 ( Sweden Grade), Core: 1.2344(Germany Grade),
Mould Base: P20 ( China Grade)
Mould Structure: Inserted Type
Mould Ejeciton Type: By Stripper Plate
Fitting Machine: 200T
Mould Life: 5 Million Shots.
Lead Time: 55-60 Days.
Loping Mould Structure
1. Interchangeable insert is available for easy maintenance and long mould life.
2. Eache cavity and core have independent cooling system, shortening production cycle time and getting high production efficiency.
3. Export standard mould ,we are honest on steel material and mould components.
4. Testing Mould and cap samples will be sent for you confirmation by DHL.
5. Good Tooling machine to ensure the mould quality.
Taizhou Loping Plastic Mould Co., Ltd located in the "China mould town" Huangyan, is a professional manufacturer of various types of plastic cap injection mould. We have been committed to all kinds of high-quality mould R&D and making, including high speed cap mould, double color cap mould, multi-cavity cap mould, home appliance cap mould.
Loping can supply bottle cap mould, mineral water theft-proofing cap mould, gas contain beverage cap mould, red-rea bottle cap mould, gree-tea bottle cap mould, coco-cola bottle cap mould , oil bottle cap mould, beverage theft-proof cap mould, pure water bottle cap mould. etc.Beverage Cap Mould manufacturers

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