Brick Making Machine suppliers

Brick Making Machine suppliers
Posted by panellll on 2020/11/08
Brick Making Machine suppliers

1. QT4-15S concrete block maker parameter
Type: hollow block making machine, paver block machine, solid brick machine, interlocking brick making machine, concrete block making machine
Processing: full brick making production line
Concrete mixer: JS500 twin shaft concrete mixer or JD500 pan mixer
Workers needed: 4-5 wokers
Hydraulic pressure: 21Mpa
Batching plant: PLD1200 three warehouse batching machine
Voltage: Your local voltage
Price: please send us inquiry and your email address, we will send the newest full brick maker machines quotation list to you.
2. Production details
Different kinds of block/brick you can make by this concrete brick maker machines.You can make:
鈼咹ollow block 4,6,8,9 inch with 2 or 3 holes;
鈼咹eat installation block, slabs which are widely used in Africa countries.
鈼哖avers and color pavers for road, garden, driveway.
鈼咰urbstone,the max length is 820mm.
(1)Hollow block:400*200*200mm (17KG)
(2)Hollow block:400*150*200mm (13.5KG)
(3)Hollow block:400*100*200mm (10KG)
(4)Final block pressure:
Hollow block can reach 8-10MPa,solid block can reach 10-15 Mpa.They have the high pressure,can be widely used.
Classification of unburned brick maker machines
Sancidalo's brick machine can be divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic ones. The production line of the full-automatic unburned brick machine is a kind of production line including the sub parent car and the steam maintenance. It has a high degree of automation, and can realize the full-automatic production of all the processes of feeding, mixing and forming, transportation and maintenance, stacking and packaging. The semi-automatic production line of unburned brick machine is an automatic production line with frame maintenance. It has simple configuration and compact operation mode, and can realize automatic continuous production from feeding to block stacking.
Features of unburned brick machine
The first feature of sancidalo unburned brick machine is that it adopts hydraulic adjustable technology, the motor adopts pure copper core motor, and the oil roof adopts special oil roof for large hydraulic machinery. The pressure and flow of the system are regulated, the brick body is stressed on both sides, and the compactness is the same on both sides. It is not only suitable for the production of concrete blocks, but also for the production of fly ash, slag, slag and other material blocks. By changing the mold, we can produce various specifications of wall block, standard brick, hollow brick, porous blind hole brick and so on. With the technology of electric and hydraulic integration and program interlock, each cycle of equipment operation is consistent, thus forming products have high stability and low scrap rate. Fifth, the frame of the unburned brick machine adopts structural steel and special welding technology, which is firm and reliable, and ensures the rigidity and shock resistance of the equipment. It adopts multi-source vibration system, which is suitable for large worktable, integrates computer control, hydraulic drive, electromechanical synchronization and other technologies, adopts full synchronous vibration mode, with adjustable vibration force, adjustable frequency according to different process requirements, low-frequency feeding, high-frequency molding, and vibration acceleration up to 17.5g. PLC digital control system, the effective combination of digital and displacement sensing technology, makes all kinds of actions accurate and reliable, computer control time-saving and labor-saving. Sancidalo brick free machine can automatically diagnose the fault, and the random computer is equipped with the automatic fault diagnosis system to prompt the alarm, so as to eliminate the fault in time. In addition, the remote monitoring and control diagnosis can be realized by connecting the remote control system with the telephone line. At the same time, the supporting 6-axis manipulator stacking equipment, compared with the previous gantry equipment, has the advantages of saving space, high efficiency, low failure rate and improving the overall automation level.
Buying a machine that makes bricks is a great investment choice for cost-conscious home builders as well as fulltime sellers of building blocks.
Brick maker machines have revolutionized the age old process of making bricks by hand 鈥?where clay was mixed with water, cast in the molds, dried, and then fired in the kiln.
Although the process largely remains the same, humans now use semi-automatic machines such as fly ash brick making machines, hydraulic brick making machines, etc. to manufacture building bricks and blocks.
With the market awash with various types of machines that make bricks, you may not be quite sure of the right choice of a brick maker for your project.
As we have mentioned before - there are lots of parameters you need to consider before you start brick manufacturing. Your brickyard should be suitable for the production type of the brick making machine you own. That have different standards, product warranty, mechanisms quality and exploitation periods for their Brick Making Machines. As we now, everything cheap is in China already. There is no need to race with prices, unless you give more than just a price.  Some of the Brickyards which are bought to make a small deal of breaks and does not need big investment, is optimal to be bought in China.Brick Making Machine suppliers

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