Buy Peanut Protein Powder

Buy Peanut Protein Powder
Posted by quakeeee on 2020/09/13
Buy Peanut Protein Powder

Golden' s partially defatted peanut flour is made from China grown high-oleic peanuts, which are roasted and pressed in an all-natural oil extracting process (no solvents used) to deliver 12 percent and 28 percent fat level ingredients. Peanut flour is easy-to-use, dry powder ingredients are high in plant-based protein, very stable and provide wonderful roasted flavor and aroma. Peanuts are inherently gluten-free and our peanut flours are manufactured in a dedicated peanut processing facility.
Functions of defatted peanut powder
1.Defatted peanut powder contains vitamin E and zinc, which can enhance memory, anti-aging, slow down the decline of brain function, moisten the skin;
2. Vitamin K in defatted peanut powder has hemostatic effect and has good hemostatic effect on many kinds of blood diseases;
3. The unsaturated fatty acids in peanut powder can reduce cholesterol and help to prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease;
4. Defatted peanut powder contains a kind of bioactive substance resveratrol, which can prevent and treat tumor diseases, reduce platelet aggregation, prevent and treat atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
5. When the soluble fiber in peanut flour fiber tissue is digested and absorbed by human body, it will absorb liquid and other substances like a sponge, and then expand into a tape body to be discharged out of the body with feces, so as to reduce the accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the toxic effect, and reduce the chance of colon cancer.
Edible methods of peanut powder
There are many ways to use defatted peanut powder for food. Peanut powder can be added to various foods as additives to improve the nutritional value of food. It can also be directly used to drinks or milk as a suspension to make various drinks, or as an auxiliary material of barbecue to increase the flavor of roast meat.
Product Specification
Protein(dry basis)%Min 50%
Fat%Max 1.5%
Moisture%Max 10.0%
Fineness(0.150mm)Min 99.0%
Our Packaging
1. Cardboard drum: 25kg/bag
2. Customized by customer.Buy Peanut Protein Powder

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