China Food Tray Mold

China Food Tray Mold
Posted by gwanoooo on 2020/12/27
China Food Tray Mold

Our History
2012 Hengqi mould factory
2015 Start to expand production and introduce high precision imported machining center
2016 Hengqi holding set up Tianjin factory and introduced digital production system
2017 Investment and establishment of mould base factory
2018 Expand production capacity and move to maoyangshan Road factory
2018 Become a leading enterprise in the industry
2019 Malaysia division factory established to serve Southeast Asian customers
2020 Establishment of Hengqi melt blown fabric factory
Our Factory
Our company is engaged in the development of thin-walled food packaging injection mold, melt blown fabric production and manufacturing company. Thousands of sets of thin-walled are set every year, and more than 1 ton of bfe99 grade melt blown fabric is produced every day.
Ningbo Hengqi precision mould Co., Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in the development, manufacture and melt blown fabric production of thin-walled packaging mould. Our company has perfect manufacturing equipment, scientific quality management system, rich mold and hot runner production practice experience, in the field of thin-walled injection mold in the domestic leading position, each year produces thousands of sets of wall thickness of 0.35-0.45mm PP Lunch box and mold labeling system, supply domestic market and exported to North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
Relying on the neural network management system, the factory realizes the real-time tracking of production progress and the full digital management of the factory.
Hengqi mold now has OKK of Japan, Gentiger of Taiwan, YCM machining center, Taiwan oil machine vertical lathe, CNC driller, high-speed IMM, CMM measure and full data checking on all the main part . All core parts are fully inspected and accepted by QC.
In the production of melt blown fabric, Hengqi has two 1.6m width melt blown machines, which are enough to meet the production capacity of 1-2 tons per day. At present, Hengqi's melt-blown fabric is supplied to many factories all over the world. It has been tested by Nelson report and China GTTC. The masks produced by its medical device factories have passed SGS international testing. The bfe, vfe and pfe of Hengqi melt blown fabric can reach more than 99%, and can be provided at suitable market price.
Production Market
Global market layout
1. The market is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Northern Europe, North America and other regions.
2. At present, the annual share of Hengqi's overseas market is about 30% of Hengqi's total annual income, which is about 3-5 million US dollars.
3. At present, it provides services indirectly for many well-known overseas brands, including Heluxue, Nestle, Starbucks, Judith, etc.
4. The wowplaspack factory in Malaysia, as a branch of Hengqi's Southeast Asia, is based in Malaysia. Its services cover the entire Southeast Asia, including the Middle East and European markets, and are also within the scope of service and coverage.
Our Service
Understand customer needs, customize and design drawings
鈼哋n Sale
Make molds according to customer contract and drawing requirements
鈼咥fter Sales
Providing corresponding after-sales service for molds is one of Hengqi's characteristics

China Food Tray Mold

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