Copper Core PCB in stock

Copper Core PCB in stock
Posted by agentttt on 2020/12/17
Copper Core PCB in stock

鈼?Product Introduction:
Thermoelectric Separation Copper Core PCB is a copper substrate using a thermoelectric separation structure,the circuit part and the thermal part of the PCB is in different layers of the circuit, and the part of the thermal layer directly contacts the heat dissipation part of the light wire to achieve the best heat dissipation. Thermal conductivity (zero thermal resistance).
鈼?Product Specification锛?/strong>
Material:Copper/Aluminum/IronSolder Mask:White
TCE4.0w/(m*k)Min Trace Width/Spacing:8/8mil鈫?/p>
Layers:2-layerMin Hole Size:0.3mm鈫?/p>
Size:-Minimum Solder Mask Dam:0.4mm鈫?/p>
Different Design in Panel:1Half Hole:No
Quality LevelIPCIISurface Finish:OSP
Board Thickness:1.6mmFinished Copper:1oz
Silkscreen:NoneTest Type:AOI+Fully test
鈼?Product Features:
1) High density and strong heat carrying capacity, smaller volume under the same power.
2) Suitable for matching a single high-power lamp bead, especially COB package, so that the lamp can achieve better results.
鈼?Product Application:
Thermoelectric Separation Copper Core PCB always be used in used in high-performance floppy disk drives, brush less DC motors for computers, motors for fully automatic cameras, and some military cutting-edge technology products.
鈼?Product Details:
7-8 working days include shipping time
鈼?Safeguards Ordinance
Copper Core PCB in stock

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