Core Drilling Tool manufacturer

Core Drilling Tool manufacturer
Posted by gogreenn on 2020/11/15
Core Drilling Tool manufacturer

Our History
Shanxi Huanjie Petroleum Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. (HJ), which has been producing petrodrilling equipment and operating since 1997, is one of the earliest professional production enterprises of oil and gas exploration and production drilling and coring equipment that have passed the international certification of PRODUCT quality such as API Spec 7, API 5DP and API 5 CT, etc in China. It is equipped with modern heavy and super-large machinery equipment manufacturing and processing capacity, which could manufacture all kinds of drilling equipment in accordance with the API Spec 7-1 and API 5DP.
Our Factory
Our brand is HJ. Our production base is located in No.114, Chaoyang West Street, Shouyang County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, People鈥檚 Republic of China, covering an area of 35,581.m2. HJ enjoys a superior geographical location with convenient transportation, near Taijiu Expressway and National Highway 307,and next to the special line of Shitai railway, very close to Tianjin port and Beijing. Since 1997 by 2020, we have been manufacturing various specifications of the drilling equipment, combined sealed coring equipment and leak valve, which is suitable for the onshore and offshore drilling under the complex geological environment and deep core drilling horizontal well, which combined coring drilling tools in oil and gas exploration areas of Russia, Kazakhstan has been successful in making for 12 years.
Our Product
Our main products include: drill pipes, drill collars, spiral drill collars, non-magnetic drill collars, heavy weight drill pipes, kellys, tool joints, and core drilling tools, etc. We have full sets of modern production equipment lines for the above drilling tools used in oil and gas exploitation. We have complete and accurate inspection instruments for raw material and product quality, and a research & test center. We have advanced production equipment with advanced performance. Our company has comprehensive and independent manufacturing,processing, testing and inspecting ability for the mechanical equipment from raw material purchasing to products finishing.
Product Application
All our products could be used in the fields of Onshore, offshore drilling and coring operations. Besides those above mentioned, our products could also be uesd in the fields of exploration and production operations for coal bed methane and shale gas.
Our Certificate
The operations of our company are fully complied with the API and SY/T industrial standards and specifications.
In 2003, our company was accredited with ISO quality management system certifications;
in 2005, we were accredited with API SPEC 7 drill collar quality certification;
in 2006, our company was accredited with API 5D Drill pipe quality certification.;
in 2007, our company was accredited with API spec 7-1 Kelly, drill collar, heavy weight drill pipe quality certification;
in 2007, our company was accredited with API 5CT casing and tubing quality certification;
in 2010,our company was accredited with ISO environmental management system certification. By now, our company has 11 National patent certificates of China on the drilling and coring equipment.
Production Equipment
With large CNC machining center and other multi-functional precision processing equipment, 17-metres long-deep hole boring machine, deep hole honing machine , hydraulic straightening machine, roller tube more sports school straight machine, well-type heat treatment furnace for quenching, heat treatment production line of large upsetting machine , large friction welder for drill pipes, large CNC laser machining, center CNC pipe threading lathe, 20000 x1500mm cylindrical lathe, thread automatic shackle lathe, automatic spray paint room, the configured flaw detector thickness gauge, magnetic particle inspection machine, ultrasonic testing machine inspection gauges, the rockwell hardness tester, Single instrument, such as sophisticated testing equipment, in strict accordance with the standards for all kinds of drill pipe and oil casing , upsetting welding heat treatment production inspection, nondestructive testing and other process in accordance with the requirements for the API, set up high standards of physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with impact tester, hardness tester, cryogenic tank , metallographic microscope, tensile testing machine, precision testing instruments and equipment, such as direct reading spectrometer, and equipped with various lathe planer milling machine for processing sample sawing machine, grinding machine and other supporting equipment, ensure that products meet the standard requirements, to undertake a variety of medium large and super specifications of mechanical equipment and accessories of precision machining business
Production Market
The north has within the Russian federation in the arctic Yamal's oil and gas exploration engineering by ORLAN SERVICE LLC using our company's closed coring equipment in the operation of long horizontal coring in ultra-deep Wells, with a success rate of more than 97% and a cost saving of 23%;
The KMG Drilling Service LLC of KazMunajGas is using our spiral drill collars, kellys and non-magnetic drill collars safely for many years during the Drilling operations in the Upper Ujin and Gennaro gas fields in the Kashagan Offshore (Caspian Sea) fields in Kazakhstan, which has been well received.
Our main clients, such as CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, RUSNEFT, LUKOIL, Gaspromneft, ONGC, NIDC and Kazmunajgas.
Our Service
Our company provides technical services for drilling and coring business: design, testing and manufacturing of non-standard drilling tools, technical consultation for drilling/coring operations, drilling site inspection services and repair of drilling rigs/drilling tools, etc.
Our company has the professional technology and drilling equipment required for coal bed methane and shale gas exploration and production. We can provide personalized technology, on-site maintenance, and well site inspection services, etc.Core Drilling Tool manufacturer

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