Dust Suppression Sprayer price

Dust Suppression Sprayer price
Posted by reckerrr on 2020/11/25
Dust Suppression Sprayer price

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Scope of application:
Urban demolition sites, metallurgical steel companies, mining areas, coal chemical companies, cement plants, thermal power plants, construction sites, open-air storage plants for materials and minerals, concrete treatment plants, waste dumps incineration plants, sand plants, dry material warehouses , Open-air blasting, heavy dust areas, large dump truck unloading areas, ports and docks, storage and transportation areas, areas where urban air pollution dust exceeds the standard, and other places such as water mist dust removal, dust suppression, and cooling.
The principle of fog gun machine:
The spray gun is based on the principle of air delivery. It first uses a high-pressure pump and a fine atomizing nozzle to atomize the water, and then uses the air volume and pressure of the fan to send the atomized water mist to a longer distance, so that the water mist can reach a longer distance while being able to Covering a large area, the water mist and dust fall down after condensation, thereby reducing dust.
At present, in many open-air stockyards and operation sites, operation dust and local fugitive dust are difficult problems in dust management. In the past, many companies used water spraying measures, but the small coverage area and large water consumption made the water spraying treatment effect unsatisfactory. The spray gun can tailor a long-range spray program according to the actual pollution situation on the user site and the amount of dust to have an ideal dust control effect.Dust Suppression Sprayer price

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