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About Us
Equipped with state of the art facilities, our factories in Taiwan and China are utilizing the following manufacturing process: tool and die production, die casting, buffing/polishing, electro-plating, powder coating, assembly and packaging, quality control, research and development (R&D).
Over the last 52 years LCM has continued to improve its technical capabilities. In order to meet our customer's demands, we are now using a fully computer controlled "Low pressure Die Casting Machine" to produce flawless brass faucets that meet international low lead and water saving requirement. For more open market we also established the I.T. department for develop the biometrics fingerprint door lock and electronic bathroom products.
Why Choose Us
LCM Group is your best choice for bathroom hardware. We provide not only best products and also best services to help you develop your business. LCM Group have about 52 years experience in this field, already become the leader in manufacturers that produce sanitary hardware.
LCM Group has approximately 52 years of manufacturing experience and has become a leader in bathroom hardware manufacturers. LCM Group owns a variety of bathroom hardware, faucets and fingerprint door locks. Our customers can buy various styles, high-quality and stylish quality products.
LCM Group has more than 52 years of experience in mold manufacturing. In order to produce high-quality faucets, our engineers use the most advanced CNC computer-controlled mold equipment to manufacture precision molds.
In the faucet manufacturing process, we use high-quality copper raw materials and produce with precision CNC processing machines, low-pressure casting machines, and gravity casting machines. LCM Group ensures quality standards are met worldwide We have precision life testerFaucets

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