Frequency Converter factory

Frequency Converter factory
Posted by playtttt on 2020/09/20
Frequency Converter factory

Product Characteristics锛?/strong>
Speed-modulation, Energy-saving, High torque, fully protection and Full-protection
1.No- sense vector and V/F switching freely
2.Built-in PTD control for constant pressure, constant current and constant temperature function
3.Multi-parameter combination control driven-equipment
Parameter & Functions锛?/strong>
1.Input voltage: Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V & 400V
2.Input frequency: 50-60Hz
4.Output frequency: 0~400Hz
5.Power range: 0.75-400KW
Electric drives and automatic control, incl. water-supply system, eco-friendly fan, transmission belts ,plastics machinery, packing and paper-making etc.
1. When changing V and f proportionally, how does the torque of the motor change?
When the frequency decreases, the voltage is reduced proportionally, then the AC impedance becomes smaller and the DC resistance remains unchanged, which will cause the ground torque generated at low speed to have a tendency to decrease. Therefore, given V / f at low frequencies, the output voltage should be increased to obtain a certain starting torque. This compensation is called enhanced starting. Various methods can be used, including automatic methods, V / f mode selection, or potentiometer adjustment.
2. In the manual, the speed range is 60 ~ 6Hz, that is, 10: 1. Is there no output power below 6Hz?
It can still output power below 6Hz, but according to the motor temperature rise and starting torque, the minimum use frequency is about 6Hz. At this time, the motor can output rated torque without causing serious heating problems. The actual output frequency (starting frequency) of the inverter is 0.5 ~ 3Hz according to the model. .
3. For the combination of general motors above 60Hz, a certain torque is also required, is it possible?
Normally it is not possible. Above 60 Hz (there are also modes above 50 Hz), the voltage remains unchanged and is generally constant power, requiring the same torque at high speeds.
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