Polyethylene Pedal Boat

Polyethylene Pedal Boat
Posted by gogreenn on 2020/11/15
Polyethylene Pedal Boat

Changzhou Chaoliang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic product manufacturing enterprise integrating rotomolding, injection molding and blow molding.
The company is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of polyethylene products.The main products are: park pleasure boats, electric barbecue boats, water bikes, pedal water tricycles, yachts, rotomolded boats, plastic boats and other products.
And according to customers to provide drawings, samples, size processing custom production. The introduction of foreign mature rotational molding rotomolding technology, a complete molding advanced technology, the product has a beautiful shape, smooth inside and outside, welding seamless, non-toxic and odorless, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, no Leakage, not easy to aging and other characteristics, the use of imported polyethylene raw materials food grade PE raw materials, product quality, variety, and has more than 10 years of production technology experience.
The company has an independent technical team, a professional mold design department, has established a perfect quality system and production process, and perfect quality control. The company has a large number of rotomolding equipment, automatic blow molding and other equipment, and the products strictly follow the national health Quality standards and enterprise standard products.
Quality comes from professionalism, the company strives to provide our customers with more convenient, efficient and high-quality products and services. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to call or write to discuss cooperation.Polyethylene Pedal Boat

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