Sterilization Lamp factory

Sterilization Lamp factory
Posted by ergetttt on 2020/08/24
Sterilization Lamp factory

air sterilization uv lights for health
Home disinfection elves protect family health.
Bacteria are present at home and abroad, and they are an invisible health threat. There may be a lot of bacteria and viruses that cannot be recognized by the naked eye in long-term living spaces. These are potential health threats!
3T-L1 air sterilization uv lights Complete sterilization in one step!
Technical Parameter
Keep every space clean and healthy. Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic wave, of which 253.4nm has the strongest sterilization effect. The mechanism of ultraviolet sterilization is mainly to interfere with his DNA recovery and protein inactivation.
Parameteruv sterilization lamps
Product Net Weight (kg)0.12kg
Product size (mm)62x52x141
Voltage (V)5
type of light sourceUV light source
Applicable area (銕?2
a fixed wayBase
Power (W)2.5
Power cord length (m)0.5m
Product Properties
The sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%! Authoritative organization certification, the data is true and effective. The sterilization rate of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc.> 99.99% can basically achieve a comprehensive sterilization effect.
Charging time (H)0.7
Whether it can be chargedchargeable
Power supplyUSB powered
Life time (H)1
control methodButton control
Is there ozoneWith ozone
Special for small space, convenient for home travel. Small in size and portable to take. Easily meet the needs of wardrobes, shoe cabinets, hotel accommodation, car space, etc.
Pet mites are more afraid of being infected; skin around the bacteria and viruses caused by redness, swelling and itching; old people and children with low resistance is easy to get sick.
3T-L1 uv sanitizer lamp portable uv light sterilization Complete sterilization in one step, every space is clean and healthy.

Packing,Storage,Handling and Transportation
Packaging锛歋tandard carton box or customized
DHL/FEDEX/UPS/Special line;Handover in domestic;designed forwarder
Best portable uv light sterilizer for home
A small guard at home for epidemic prevention, giving family members more secure health protection.
The outbreak of influenza is on the verge, and bacterial viruses cause hidden dangers that are invisible to the naked eye. Air sterilization uv lights, ultraviolet rays and ozone sterilization go hand in hand, the right small kills bacteria and viruses in the air. Anti-virus in a narrow space uses 360 掳 hands for a clean home.Sterilization Lamp factory

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