Wholesale Ni-mh Battery Standard Industrial Type

Wholesale Ni-mh Battery Standard Industrial Type
Posted by misetrfg on 2021/01/12
Wholesale Ni-mh Battery Standard Industrial Type

Product Description
Battery specification: Ni-MH Battery, standard industrial type
Battery model: 6V AA1500mAh
Nominal capacity锛?500mAh
Charging current: 0.1C
Discharging current: 0.2C
Max. discharging current: 3C~5C
Charging temperature锛?锝?5鈩?/p>
Discharging temperature: -20鈩冿綖+50 鈩?/p>
Storage temperature: -20鈩冿綖+40鈩?/p>
Battery case: PVC shrink film package
Ni-MH battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over temperature protection, overcurrent protection, etc.
Application field: interphone, communication instrument, infusion pump, wireless robotic vacuum cleaner, emergency lighting, toys, doorbell, electric torch, flashlight, personal care product, etc.
With the improvement of technology, the cost of the lithium battery of the original battery pack is relatively expensive, and the large capacity is still in the development stage. The situation has been improved, and many single-chip 3.7V high-capacity lithium battery walkie-talkies have appeared. With the technological update, the use of nickel and chromium was originally more common, but now nickel and chromium have basically been eliminated; generally, nickel-metal hydride batteries used for low- and mid-range walkie-talkie batteries are now more common in the market, especially new products.Wholesale Ni-mh Battery Standard Industrial Type

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