Wood Saw Blade manufacturers

Wood Saw Blade manufacturers
Posted by ravenaud on 2020/08/23
Wood Saw Blade manufacturers

Fujiresaw HSS saw blade for wood
Product Name65 Mn HSS saw blade for wood
ApplicationSolid wood,log wood etc.
Raw material65Mn alloy steel
AdvantageCutting sharp,wear resistance
PackageStandard export packing
1銆乁sing the nice quality 65Mn steel and the saw blade is more sharp and durable.
2銆丠igh frequency quenching with electric furnace, high hardness and flatness of saw blade, more durable.
3銆丗ull automatic high precision grinding machine, tooth angle uniform and cutting sharp without explosion.It is a good choice for processing wood.
4銆丼aw blade surface fine polishing treatment and with anti-rust oil, nice and not easy to rust
5銆乁ltra-thin saw blade, precision saw road, reduce loss.
Remark:can be customized non-standard
Outer Diameter  (D) (mm)Arbor Diameter  (d) (mm)Kerf Width  (B) (mm)
Production Workshop
18 years experience in saw blade production and grinding
5 new saw blade production lines, 4 saw blade grinding production lines, 1 the 2.2 mm diameter saw blade production line, more than 60 production equipment.
The quality is comparable to that of the imported saw blade, the price is more favorable, and the saw blade can be ground 5-10 times.
12 production processes, fully automatic imported gear grinding machine, the saw blade grinding effect is close to the new film, which effectively saves costs.
Quality assurance
1銆丠ardness test: ensure that the hardness of saw blade steel plate is qualified.
2銆丳rojector test: ensure that the Angle of saw blade is within the standard range.   
3銆丼tress test: ensure that each piece of saw blade tension meets the standard. 
4銆丼ide projection test: ensure that the side projection of saw blade is within the standard range
5銆乧oncentricity test: ensure the grinding accuracy of saw blade tooth shape.
6銆乀ip rate test: 200x optical microscope to ensure the sharpness of the saw blad 
7銆丼harpening comprehensive performance test: use automatic detector to ensure the comprehensive performance of the saw blade
8銆丗actory cut test: ensure that each saw blade is qualified before leaving the factory
Foreign customers
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