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Description: Formula: HF CAS No. 7664-39-3 Division Of Class: 8.1, corrosives presenting acidic properties Molecular weight: 20.01 Relative density: 1.15-1.18 Physical and chemical properties: it is a kind of colorless and transparent liquid. It can have a reaction with normal metal, metallic oxide and hydroxide, generating all kinds of salts. With high corrosivity, it can erode glass and silicate, generating gaseous silicon tetra fluoride. High purity hydrofluoric acid can be used as highly acid detergent and corrodent, which can also be used with nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide and etc., with certain proportion. Application range:In the field of IC manufacture, the ultra pure HF is mainly used in the process of water cleaning and etching. In particular, after DHF( Diluted HF) cleaning, the water surface can slow down the growth of natural oxide, so as to get better gate oxide in downstream step. Specifications: Storage and Package: In transportation, it should be carefully uploaded and discharged, no crashing, no damage, no being heated and out of the rain, It should be stored in the well ventilated warehouse.Electronic Grade Chemical suppliers website:http://www.chinachemicalgroup.com/electronic-grade-chemical/

Publish Date: 2021/01/06