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What is a 3-Phase Motor and How Does it Work? Three-phase motors (also annotated numerically as 3-phase motors) are widely used in industry and have become the workhorse of many mechanical and electromechanical systems because of their relative…

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Keep things tidy in industrial companies with tool cabinets Employees in workshops and industrial companies have to use a vast array of tools and small parts as part of their day-to-day work. Tool Cabinets and shelving units can provide invaluable…

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The History of the Light Bulb More than 150 years ago, inventors began working on a bright idea that would have a dramatic impact on how we use energy in our homes and offices. This invention changed the way we design buildings, increased the length…

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The RS-232 protocol Rs232 protocol transmission involves the sending of data one bit at a time, over a single communications line. In contrast, parallel communications require at least as many lines as there are bits in a word being transmitted (for an…

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LED STREETLIGHTS ARE GIVING NEIGHBORHOODS THE BLUES YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THEM going up in your town’s streets and parking lots: a new generation of Galvanized Pole-mounted lights that pour down a cool torrent of lumens from an array of light-emitting…

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