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Benefits of Wrist Wraps Your wrists take quite the beating when lifting weights.   For most exercises, you will have a barbell or dumbbell placed in your hand.  Any slight deviation of the wrist either forward, back, or side-to-side,…

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A NONELASTIC RUBBER STRIP DRAIN A NONELASTIC RUBBER STRIP DRAIN The use of doubled strips of rubber dam material for drains has become general in this clinic, especially for wounds that do not require irrigation. These have been found superior to…

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What are screw anchors? Power Driver Screw Anchors are inserts, typically made from plastic, metal, or fiber, which enable the attachment of screws into brittle materials — such as masonry or drywall. Known as wall plugs in the UK, screw anchors are…

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Covid precautions have turned many parts of our world into a giant salad bar, with plastic barriers separating sales clerks from shoppers, dividing customers at nail salons and shielding students from their classmates. Intuition tells us a plastic…

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How do I use a Recovery Strap? The right recovery straps and how to use them can make the difference if you can pull your vehicle out safely or if you have to wait on a tow truck. A high-quality strap without hooks attached to it is the strap you want to…

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HOW TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN A GOOD NON-STICK FRYING PAN AND A BAD ONE AT A GLANCE Not all frying pans are the same thing. A frying pan is a fry pan, of course. And they are always used for the same purpose. True. But there are many differences between…

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Overflow fillers, gravity fillers, piston filling machine and other liquid fillers all vary in the way that they move product into a bottle or container. However, the automatic versions of these machines almost always have certain features in common.…

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